"Creation of Prosperous District that is the premier location and gateway in country for Economical, Social, Financial, Commercial and Technological innovation and opportunities."


"Expansion of socio economic opportunities thereby enhancing the quality of the people in the district through integrated sustainable Economic, Social, Cultural and Physical Development."

  • Expansion of economy opportunities for income and employments.
  • Enhancing the living standard of the people.
  • Creation of better environment.
  • Empower of Sustainable House Hold Economic Unit.
  • Expansion of Rural infrastructure facilities.
  • Sustainable development of house hold units of 557 G.N. Divisions in the Sixteen Divisional Secretariats.
  • Improvement of Rural Infrastructure Facilities as need.
  • Increasing sectoral distribution of Gama Neguma and DCB allocation of the rural area in the District.
  • Achieving 100% both physical and financial Progress under the District Development Programme.
  • Updating & Completing of Resource Profile in all D.S. Division before the end of 2nd quarter in every year.
  • Updating district Data base system before the end of 2nd quarter in every year.