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Mr. N.H.M. Chitrananda
District Secretary

Tel : 032-2265235

Performing the development and administration activities and coordinating according to the government policies maintain the welfare of the people to a commendable level by helpingcontemporary social needs.

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Mr. H.M.S.P. Herath
Additional District Secretary

Tel : 032-2265225

Strengthening the district administration through guiding the activities of divisional secretary’s and other institutes in the district under the approval of the district secretary.


Mr. N.A. Priyantha Sri Wickramasinghe
Assistant District Secretary

Tel : 032-2266334

Performing assisting duties to development and administration activities under the guidance of District Secretary and Additional District Secretary and maintaining internal administration to a commendable level.

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Mrs. S.H. Anuradha Semasinghe
Administrative Officer


Mrs. H.M.M.H Kandanegedara
Chief Accountant

Tel : 032-2265234

Doing financial management to perform development, welfare, disaster relief and administration in the district to a commendable level and doing the financial responsibility for people through the financial report.


Mrs. S.P Sandanayake
Planning Director

Tel : 032-2265690

Developing on going in depth knowledge of district planning issues and priorities through communication with the government policies,organizations and communities to provide professional planning leadership and management of staff within the single planning development team, with a clear emphasis on performance delivery, continues improvement and customer services to a commendable level.

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Mr. T.C. Silva
Cheif Internal Auditor

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Mr. S. Arunkumar


Mr. R.M.H.K. Randeni 
District Engineer

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Mr. S.P. Weerasekara
Assistant Samurdhi Commissioner

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Mr. Pathmaraja
District Statistician

b dumy Mr. B.P.S.W. Pathirana
Director of Agri Culture

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Mr. A.H.M.N. Abeyrathna
Land Registrar & District Registrar

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Mr. M.N.M.M. Fahry
Assistant Director - (Planning)

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Mr. N.H.S.K. Rathnayake
Assistant Director - (Planning)

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Ms. J.M.C. Kumari
Assistant Director - (Planning)


Mr. S. Regan
Assistant Commissioner of Election

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Mr. M.M. Mahboor
Officer Incharge (Social Security Board)


Mr. S.M.S. Mahir

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Mr. S.A.M. Jaayis
Information and Communication Technology Officer