Has existed for more than 10 years in the District Secretariat Colombo with the objective to providing practice of Engineering to serve the public sector. The activity of engineering division has become broader with time and, at present Nine officers are eligible to serve the public sector.

One of the key functions of the division is, to ensure the quality standards of all constructions in the Colombo District under the Authority of the District Secretary and Conduct Training Programmers to maintain a quality standards of the Technical officers.

The Strengths of the Division

District Engineer 01
Development Officer 01
Technical Officer 02
Draughtsman 01
Electrician 01
Technical Assistance 02
Management Assistants 03
K.K.S 01

Social Responsibilities

  • Ensure the safety and interest for well-being of the public.
  • Ensure that society’s funds and resource are well used.
  • Concern about the impact of engineering projects on environment and society.
  • Refusing to work on a particular project Violating above
  • Concern about the legality of all projects before Start the work.
  • Commitment to educate staff about Social responsibilities.
  • Responsible for all the action taken hence the impact of the action is on the society and the people.
  • Conduct training programmers to update the knowledge of the officers.
To Ensure the Social Responsibilities
  • Conduct price fixing committee to maintain a reasonable fixed price during the current year.
  • Conduct procurement process to select suitable contractors to offer new projects.
  • Field visits to maintain the standard of the construction.
  • Collect test report to maintain quality of the construction.
  • Conduct progress review meeting to maintain the progress of the construction.
New District Secretariat Building Complex at Narahenpita – Stage III
Total Estimated Cost Rs. 3890 million
Consultant CECB (Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau)
Special features Application of Green Building concepts
Present situation After calling the quotation from selected pre qualified contractors,
Evaluation report is submitted to Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee (CAPC) to get the approval for a selected contractor
  • Contract Award From Year 2014 January to 2014 December
    [PDF - 3MB] 
  • District Price Committee Report 2015 1st Half
    [PDF - 2 MB]