Cheif Acc


Our Vision

Dedicating to utilize public resources and finance in order to achieve a good living standard for the people.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide for the needs of the people in an efficient impartial reasonable and friendly manner and maintaining a financial control with transparency and responsibility according to public financial rules and regulations.

Financial Assistant - Fr 115, Fr 135 Shroff Duties & Supervision of the Duties

A/01 Imprest Cash Book & Salary (Manual)
A/02 Main Accounts Summary & Public Officers Advance “B” Account
A/04 Releasing Provision of other Department & ministries
A/05 Salary (Payroll System), Request of land Compensation,
Procurement Committee, Bank Reconciliation statement
A/06 Audit Query’s answer Preparation, District & Division Inventory Verification,
Revenue Report Preparation, Revenue Refund, Loss Detail
A/07 District Secratariat monthly Accounts Summery & printing cheques Bank reconciliation

Releasing Provision of District Secratariat - Puttalam
Preparation of Budget estimates
Preparation of Budget estimates
Reconciliation of Deposit account


Vote Ledgers, D.S.Deposit Account Ledger


Payment of Pension
Allocation & Imprest
Control Accounts & collecting the source document of monthly pension
Source Document all D.S. Office


Checking Vouchers


Stores/ Record Rooms


Procurement, Purchasing

District Secretariat - Puttalam Financial Progress-2019

Description Provision Received Actual Expenditure Saving/ Excess % Of the Actual Expenditure /
Provision Receved